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Guild Message of the Day - May 29th
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For Her Tallest News

By: Brumley - July 9th

"Leaked" Expansion Info

A majority of sources agree this is a hoax, but it originally appeared at, a WoW site that has so far been right only about 95% of the time (they're the ones that predicted Wrath and Cataclysm first, nearly a whole year prior to release). Bouboullie of MMO-Champion says it is completely fake without even a second thought, but nonetheless, it makes for interesting talk, so I thought I'd post it here.


World of Warcaft, Vengence of the Void:


I've also made a discussion post in the general forum. Check it out!

By: Brumley - June 26th

Midsummer Azerothian Tour!

Come join us this Wednesday evening at 7:00 sever time for an Azerothian-wide tour of flame honoring! We'll meet up in the Goblin Slums and start with Kalimdor's flames, hopefully with enough time to hit up the Eastern Kingdoms too. And while we're out it, be sure to knock out as many critters as possible! No reason we can't do our regularly scheduled critter crawl at the same time!

By: Brumley - June 24th

Ask the Devs Q&A 2 is Up!

After several months of waiting, blizzard has finally answered the lore questions from the second "Ask the Devs" session. You can read it in detail here:

Most importantly, in regards to those major lore characters not in game, citing Gallywix specifically as an example, they mention that they don't want to talk about him or his whereabouts, fearing they may "spoil future stories," further confirming that there's something big coming down the pipes for goblin leadership.

By: Brumley - June 20th

Midsummer Fire Festival?

Would anyone be interested in a guild event involving getting some of the fire festival events, achievements, or other things as a guild?

  • Shorra: I would. I have the "Steal the flames from the Alliance cities" quests done, but am willing to help provide distractions so others can get them done.
  • Roulette: My work schedule is really erratic right now, but I'm all over it if I can!
By: Brumley - June 20th

Silvertongue Estates Still Lives

Sorry I've had to cancel so many more than I originally wanted guys, but I swear I'm trying to get it back up and running. The problem I have is, since I've moved, my schedule is changed, and I still don't know when I'm most likely to have free time. Thursdays have become my night to cook dinner, so I'm not sure if they'll be staying on Thursdays. I really can't wait for this club to get going though!

  • Bitzie: I don't think we have anything on Saturday, do we? I think that could work for the rest of us too.
By: Brumley - June 9th

Brumley's BACK!

With a portion of my sanity intact! No internet for a whole week drove me up the wall, but it's finally back *licks new modem*

... ahem...

But alas, for my own sanity, since we just got this up Thursday afternoon, there will be no Silvertongue Estates this week because we've got too much work to do here in our new house. By next week, we should be ready to go public. It really sucks because it was starting to get off the ground with a good five people voicing interest already, and now it's being put on hiatus before it even starts. Oh well... you folks better show up when we go public! It'll be a blast!

By: Roulette - June 8th

Non-Goblin Alts!

Do you have a sad non-Goblin waiting in the wings staring longingly at your Goblin's tabard? Fret no more! While Goblin alts are still automatically in and non-Goblins need good RP reasons to get in, you can now use the application page to get your concept to the KIA and officers in one neat tidy package so we can more easily get it approved for ya!

By: Roulette - June 5th

Server wide PvP event!

Hope to see a lot of green faces there, guys! Looks like a blast! Haala will be OURS!

By: Roulette - May 30th

Calling all Druids!

Been wanting to get your Druid alt into the Guild but haven't been sure what good RP reason there would be for a Druid to join a bunch of crazy polluting Goblins? Angst no more! I need volunteers for a storyline, Druids who want into the Guild! Check out The Compass in the Goblin Slums forum and sign up by ICly "volunteering". Once we have a small group together, we'll set aside a time to ICly approach Brumley in game for a nice RP session!

By: Brumley - May 26th

Clearing Something Up

Silvertongue Estates takes place at 7:00 PM Thorium Brotherhood time, which is Central Time. Wyrmrest Accord is Pacific Time, meaning it's two hours behind Thorium Brotherhood, so Silvertongue Estates starts at 5:00 PM Wyrmrest Accord time. This is only the starting time for now. I want to see how many people can make it. If enough people want a later time I can consider moving it.

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